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New modified polypropylene wax
• Easy to disperse
• Good matting
• Scratch & abrasion resistance
• Good transparency

Mechanism & key benefits of
Crayvallac® waxes in Coatings

Formulators often need additives to get various surface effects on their coatings

Different chemistries are available to reach the desired performances such as polyethylene, polypropylene, modified amide or modified polyurea.

They are supplied as micronised powders or dispersions of micronised powder in water or organic solvents.


Key benefits in Liquid Coatings:

  • Matting, slip, anti-abrasion & anti-scratch

  • Water and chemical resistance, anti-blocking, sanding aid
  • Silica reduction and useful aid for silica dispersion, orientation & anti-settling

Key benefits in Powder Coatings:

  • Processing-flow improvement for extrusion

  • Flow & levelling
  • Degassing specially in primid systems
  • Texturing & matting
  • Special effects (silky aspect)
  • Post extrusion addition

Markets using Surface modifiers

Industrial Wood Finishes

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