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Safety, employees health, environmental care and customer satisfaction are COATEX key values in its daily activity.

We strive to have one unified global management system, which incorporates the ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 50001, ISO 45001 standards principles, the different Arkema Group policies and directives and the SEVESO directive for Europe, as well as any other local quality, safety or environmental requirement.

Under the provisions of Decree No. 2019-15 of January 8, 2019, aimed, in particular, at eliminating the differences in compensation between women and men, Coatex, a company with more than 240 employees, achieved a result of 86 out of 100 for the reference year 2021.

Our commitment to people

Sustained commitment to safety of our employees and people from our close environment is one of our primary business objectives. We make our best to improve our efficiency and avoid risks and accidents to make the work place safer:

  • by the implementation of the best available technologies on our production lines and equipments,
  • by a certified Health and safety management system according to the ISO 45001 standard (occupational health and safety assessment series),
  • through a direct involvement of staff in accident prevention.

Our commitment to environment

Our approach in term of environment, with especially our waste reduction policy and waterborne rejections allowed us to obtain the 14001 ISO certification.

Focus on...

Focus on… a better use of energy to minimize our "environmental footprint" 

Coatex is committed to the sustainable development of its activity, with a particular emphasis on reducing its environmental footprint and improving its energy efficiency. Following Arkema’s Energy policy, Coatex has set a target of improving his energy efficiency by 20% between 2012 to 2030. In order to achieve this objective, the Group has decided to strengthen the Arkenergy program and is deploying it in all of its activities by relying on a global network.


Focus on… a better use of water and preservation of natural water resources

As a leader in the chemical industry and a supplier of innovative solutions, Coatex is committed to reducing both water requirements and discharges into water from its industrial operations, as well as offering products that improve the water quality. With water becoming an increasingly scarce resource, sustainable use of water and the preservation of natural water resources around the world are a major priority for Coatex.

Arkema Optim'O Policy



Products quality, our priority

Our quality management system is recognized according to the ISO 9001 standard for more than ten years.

A single certificate for all entities which guarantees our customers an uniformity in the products and services quality..

Sustainable development

Through the signature of the worldwide "Responsible Care®" chart in 2006, we strengthen our awareness campaigns on the importance of the sustainable development, to our employees, but also to all those working with us (suppliers, subcontractors, etc.).