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Depending on the environment and the needs, different technologies are available

Rheology modifiers for waterborne systems

For water-based systems, synthetic rheology modifiers provide highly effective and easy-to-handle solutions based on various chemistries. These rheology modifiers offer a versatile and simple solution, thanks to their diverse formulations. When it comes to optimizing the flow and consistency of water-based products, rheology modifiers are the key. These modifiers excel at delivering effective solutions across different applications, making them an indispensable tool for product development adding value to formulations in the field of water-based systems.

HEUR rheology modifiers

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HASE rheology modifiers

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ASE rheology modifiers

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Rheology modifiers for other systems

Rheology modifiers excel in challenging scenarios, delivering superior performance for demanding applications with a focus on high efficiency. Developed for optimal results, they enhance processes and outcomes in rigorous environments. In different industries, rheological control is crucial for several reasons. For instance, high shear resistance and the ability to modify the flow behavior of materials are vital for ensuring proper application and adherence to surfaces, by helping to improve the desired viscosity and texture of the materials.

Polyolefin additives

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