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Today's world requires more sustainable solutions to develop formulations adapted to end-user's expectations.


Our key features:
  • Long experience in developing and supplying additives
  • High bio-sourced content
  • No compromise on performance
  • Surpassing standards based on fossil fuel sourcing


100% bio-sourced

Crayvallac® MT

98% bio-sourced for less demanding application

Crayvallac® SLT

98% bio-sourced for lower cycle time

Crayvallac® SL

92% bio-sourced for high temperature process

Crayvallac® SLX

91% bio-sourced for robustness

Crayvallac® SLW

69% bio-sourced for higher grab

Coapur 3020 BB

90% bio-sourced for water-based adhesives

Coapur 817 BB

93% bio-sourced for water-based adhesives

Rheotech 4000 LC

>15% carbon footprint reduction for waterborne sealants


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Our expertise beyond the product offer

Our advanced solutions redefine the bonding landscape, addressing a multiple of applications with a focus on liquid materials. Designed to accommodate various needs, our versatile range of rheology modifiers is offering options that cater to both thin and thick consistencies.

At the heart of our formulations lie advanced thickeners, strategically incorporated to enhance the material's viscosity, allowing for superior bonding performance. Applied effortlessly, these adhesives provide a responsive and reliable bonding experience, forming a resilient connection between surfaces.

With a deep understanding of material properties, our additives for adhesives and sealants are the perfect answer to a variety of problems. Explore our different ranges to discover how we can help you redefine the adhesion possibilities specific to your industry.

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