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Innovative solutions for sustainable Metal Ore processing

Optimize metal ore processing by integrating cutting-edge technologies for greater efficiency and minimal environmental impact with our following innovative solutions : 


Metal Recovery

Opale™ Solution technology added between the milling and the flotation process will enhance the slurry particle state of dispersion and flotation reagent selectivity to improve metal recovery and concentrate grade quality.

Key benefits

  • Better state of dispersion
  • Reagent selectivity improvement
  • Optimized metal recovery

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Rheology issues are often met during concentrate and tailings transportation or thickening steps due to ore quality (clay presence) and/or equipment limitation.
Thanks to a unique mechanism, Opale™ Solution polymers will control slurry rheology at higher solids content, allowing to operate safer with less water

Key benefits

  • Rheology control

  • Water and energy savings

  • Significant productivity increase

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Tailing ponds

Existing tailing ponds have limited lifetime with often lengthy authorization to be replaced or expanded. New environmental regulation are implemented to access best available techniques to control environmental impacts and remediation costs.
Opale™ Solution rheology modifier could be added into existing tailings disposal line to increase yield stress and beach slope angle at the deposition area.

Key benefits

  • Rheology control

  • Improved pond shelf life

  • Safety improvement

  • Risk management : Liquid tailings & dam collapse

  • Sustainability: controlled footprint

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By improving the slurry state of dispersion, Opale™ solutions technology greatly improve filtration and dewatering yield
The metal particles inside the ore slurry are properly spaced and such conditioning after the thickening step improve filtration process / conditions.


Key benefits

  • Filtration time reduced
  • Filtration rate increased
  • Moisture content achieved

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Discover our solutions for tailings & concentrates

This short video clip is explaining the impact of our rheology modifier on slurry viscosity and how it could be implanted at the thickener level

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Whether they need to optimize mineral recovery from natural deposits, enhance mineral purity, or improve metalworking performance, mining and metallurgy players need to meet their biggest challenges while reducing energy and water consumption. With our chemical solutions and expertise, Arkema helps generate more value at every stage of mineral processing. We also help metallurgic manufacturers improve formulations to achieve greater performance in terms of durability and safety. We market this expertise around the world.

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