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Our solutions for scale control

Acrylic homopolymers

Cost efficient general-purpose scale control additives, CorinTH™ water soluble polyacrylic acid polymers are available in various molecular weights: they are particularly suitable for the inhibition and dispersion of carbonate, sulfate and oxalate calcium scales. Available in neutral or acidic version, to adapt to the type of formulation. 

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Sulfonated copolymers

High performing phosphate and sulfate scale control additives, CorinTH™ sulfonated copolymers perform effectively as silt and iron oxide dispersant and as zinc stabilizer. There are also commonly used in Oil and Gas operations. 

Have a look at our key additives for water treatment

Specialties copolymers

CorinTH™ specialties polymers are special scale control additives selectively designed for high salinity water, very acidic formulation and for Reverse Osmosis systems for industrial water purification.