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Acting for safe products

For many years already,  Arkema has demonstrated a pro-active approach to assess health, safety and environmental impacts of its products in order to anticipate future regulations and market trends.

This approach leads us to propose a selection of products offering safer profile to further protect consumers, workers and community.

Working extensively on reducing the use of VOC* and eliminating APEO**, most of our additives are solvent-Free, APEO-Free, heavy metal-Free, MIT-Free and VOC-Free, helping customers meet their goals towards sustainable formulations.

Latest developement anticipating LiCl regulatory status changes:

CRAYVALLAC® LA-377: LiCl Free urea-urethane rheology modifier

* Volatil Organic Component
** Alkyl PhenolEthOxylates

Product stewarship policy

The product stewardship process, which in certain aspects exceeds regulatory requirements, engages stakeholders across the product chain, from raw material suppliers to end-customers. 


The Group expresses its commitment to product stewardship in its Social Commitment Charter and its Hygiene, Safety, Environment and Quality Policy and by endorsing the International Council of Chemical Associations’ (ICCA) Responsible Care® initiative.

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