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Clays grinding optimized, drying costs minimized

To obtain controlled particle slips, manufacturers engage in a precise wet clay grinding process, carefully managing both low viscosity and minimal water content. This strategic approach not only guarantee optimal rheological properties during production but also mitigates drying costs, underscoring the intricate balance required for high-quality ceramics manufacturing.

Terrablend™ range offers additives for ceramic sanitary:

  • Grinding aids for ceramics
  • Dispersants for clays

in liquid form to reach an optimum efficiency while blended with other dispersants (silicate).

Focus on... tile manufacturing

Terrablend™ GX CE is a dispersant which tackle dispersing tasks in many areas of ceramic thanks to its versatility.

While plastic clays are mostly used, Terrablend™ 44  shows its efficiency.

It has been tested in optimized blends of silicate to outperform the performances of existing solutions.

Reducing water evaporation in industrial processes can lead to concrete benefits, including decreased energy consumption and enhanced process stability.

Thickening and stabilization of ceramic glaze

Alone or formulated in the medium as thickener / stabilizing agent Terrablend™ GS 17, is a cationic copolymer used as a dispersing agent for non alkaline engobes for back tile coating, to protect oven soles and rollers.

It demonstrated efficiency at low pH to produce neutral engobes that will have no impact on the glazed surfaces of packaged tiles. Available in a liquid form, it is easy to use compare to CMC powder.

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