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Our solutions for mineral processing

Focus on... insoluble micronutrients

To facilitate their use, liquid suspensions of micro nutrients require stability and low viscosity.

Rheosperse™ grinding aids, dispersing agents and anti-settling additives are typically focused on the control of these key properties.




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Dispersing agent for minerals particles into water

Dispersed into water, minerals are easier to handle, pump, grind and transport.

To do so, it is necessary to deflocculate the mineral particles in the smallest possible amount of water while having a stable slurry at low viscosity.


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Anti settling agent for minerals to improve water mineral suspension stability

Mineral suspensions can be stored for several days or weeks and transported by truck or pipeline.

To control viscosity, prevent sedimentation over a wide range of particle sizes, Coatex offers anti-settling additives, Rheosperse™ S serie.

They are used to stabilize suspensions of carbonates, phosphates, copper sulphate, lime and other water insoluble minerals and micro nutrients.

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Wet grinding chemical

Wet grinding is a commonly used process in mineral industry because of its high efficiency and its weak energy consumption.

The use of a grinding agent allows:

  • to increase the production yield,
  • to control the particle size distribution,
  • to increase mineral concentrations.


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