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Fabric care cleaners

Technologies to make your textile look better through time

Dispersant polymers enhance the cleaning properties of laundry detergents.

To upgrade surfactants efficiency, laundry detergent formulas contain builders or sequestrants that allow hardness control and need to be combined with our dispersants to be fully effective.

The main properties of our Rheosolve™ Dispersant are:

  • Anti-precipitation: they disturb the growth of scale crystals and prevent there adhesion on fibers to reduce greying.
  • Anti-redeposition: they disperse mineral and soil particles for an easier removal by rinsing.

We place our in-depth knowledge of these properties at the service to cleaning formulators to develop solutions adapted to the latest market trends.

Dish care formulations

Arkema offers a wide range of scale inhibitors for high performance dish care formulations.

Having solution reducing filming and spotting is key while designing dishwashing formulation. The main solution is to use polymers that inhibit the growth of crystal scale and avoid its precipitation onto the surfaces such as glasses, dishes, cutlery but also Automatic Dish Washing heating components.

Arkema offers a range of specialty polymers that help to achieve this performance.

We work with formulators to find adapted solutions relying on our Rheosolve™ Dispersant dispersants range for either household or institutional applications.

Additionally, to guarantee end users to use the right amount of liquid cleaners, the rheology profile of liquid dish care formulation shall be carefully designed: the selection of the right thickeners is key.

Relying on our Rheology expertise, we have developed high performing Rheosolve™ Thickeners  product range providing formulators the right solution to optimize the rheology profile of their formulation.

Surface care formulations

From hard surface cleaners to general cleaners, Arkema offer rheology modifiers for your detergent formulations.


Depending on the application, the needs of formulators are different:

  • All-purpose cleaners and sprayable formulations require improved handling and appearance of the formulation, with a good adherence on vertical surfaces and good sprayability. See Rheosolve™ T 637
  • Degreasing agent are very alkaline formulations that are used to remove grease deposits and require a good adherence to vertical surfaces such as oven and grill cleaning. See Rheosolve™ T 633
  • In Scrubbing or cream cleaners, formulators are looking to suspend a broad range of mineral particles: thickener suspending properties are then key. See Rheosolve™ T 700S 
  • Descaling formulations: The main components of descaling formulations being acids -such as citric, sulfamic, lactic- specific thickeners are required. See Rheosolve™ T 450
  • Drain cleaners: For a better usage of the product, caustic soda formula can be thickened. See Rheosolve™ T 633
  • Enzyme based ADW liquids: Liquid thickener are used for high concentration surfactant formulations. See Rheosolve™ T 650