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Our solutions for coating colors

Focus on... a new generation of bio based dispersants

We have developed a more eco friendly bio technology to reduce carbon foot print, Spersio™. In addition to be partially bio sourced, these sustainable dispersants offer multiple advantages.

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Dipflo™ technology for deinking process

A specific solution to help achieve clean recovered fibers through successful recycling

During deinking flotation processDipflo™ acts on the deflocculation of fines and the hydrophilization of fibers. This increase in deinking efficiency helps to save raw materials. It also contribute to improve brightness.


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Coated board, printability, water retention and quality food contact approvals

To meet the sustainability requirements and the new regulation about plastics, the need for food packaging increases every year. Further adjustments are needed in paperboard production to follow this plastic removal such as new formulations, barrier coatings with new rheology behaviors, specific coating devices, together with food contact compliance. To do so we propose packaging coating additive including a special range of curtain coating additive.

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Coated Paper, decreasing coat weight while keeping paper properties, reducing total cost in use

Challenged by market demand and competition paper makers need to reduce cost while offering same printability and paper properties. As an example reducing coat weight can contribute to achieved savings


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Clay, Talcum, CaCO3, TiO2 can be available in dry form. They need to be dispersed prior to be used in coating colors.

A full range of dedicated dispersants has been developed to disperse all types of minerals

Dispersant can be used to disperse the coating color to avoid aggregates formation and  improve screening process.

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