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TAPPICon focuses on key industry segments including: paper, tissue, reliability & maintenance and recycled paperboard. The program also addresses topics affecting women in industry and young professionals. 

• Peer-reviewed, expert-led technical program
• Multiple networking opportunities
• Special events
• Exhibits

Designed by industry professionals, TAPPICon draws CEOs, mill managers, superintendents, scientists, process engineers, and suppliers worldwide for a comprehensive conference.
A leader in Rheology & Specialty Additives for Paper & Board Coating
Understanding and controlling rheology and viscosity can lead to significant cost savings and quality enhancements in paper and board coating and deinking process.

To meet environmental and regulatory challenges, we have developed:
  • Solutions to control and improve coating colour rheology
  • Technologies to provide better water retention
  • More sustainable additives to reduce carbon footprint and comply with food contact regulations