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A pioneer in the field of sensory powders

Orgasol® Cosmetics powder has become, in the last decades,  the go-to partner of the most demanding manufacturers looking for high-performance powders with innovative functionalities.

Orgasol® Cosmetics ultrafine powders are mainly known for their sensorial benefits. Their spheroidal shape improves spreading, provides easy glide-on application and leaves a velvety feeling and powdery finish on the skin. The Orgasol® Cosmetics product signature touch is predominantly velvety and delicately creamy.  The different grades allow you to choose the degree of velvetiness as well as the covering and spreading properties that will best suit your formulation.

Think multi-functional. Way beyond mere sensory powders, Orgasol® Cosmetics powders deliver multiple additional benefits. Thanks to their soft focus effect, they contribute to achieve instant optical perfection. Their internal porosity offers long lasting sebum and shine control. Some Orgasol® Cosmetics product porous microspheres can be used as ready to use delivery systems of active ingredients – their structure allows the continuous release of the actives with closer and long lasting contact with the stratum corneum. In the formulation of compact powders, with their good compaction capacity, Orgasol® Cosmetics powder have shown to be highly effective processing aids.

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Thioglycolic Acid (TGA) in cosmetics

Arkema has been manufacturing thioglycolic acid (TGA) for more than 30 years and is the largest TGA manufacturer in the world. The salts of thioglycolic acid and also some of its esters are used in the formulation of perms and for the preparation of depilatory creams. In these applications, the main salts are ammonium thioglycolate and potassium thioglycolate. In some areas, glycerol monothioglycolate is also used.

Advanced Bio-Materials for Cosmetics & Personal care formulations

Oleris® Advanced Bio-Materials are unique building blocks processed only from vegetable and renewable castor oil. The high purity and 100% linearity of Oleris® Advanced Bio-Materials are key elements for the synthesis of vegetable-based & natural cosmetic ingredients, with advanced properties like high spreadability and polarity, and with natural antimicrobial and cleansing emulsifying functions.
Ready to serve as carbon-neutral building blocks for your next developments committed to sustainability.
Arkema is a leader in specialty chemicals derived 100% from renewable castor plant and the company is a founding member of the Pragati initiative, with BASF, Jayant Agro-Organics Ltd., and Solidaridad, enabling more sustainable castor crop production in India.
The initiative's key goal is to enable renewable castor crop production by:
  • Using good agricultural practices to increase yield and farmer income
  • Efficiently using water resources and Maintaining soil fertility
  • Driving adoption of good waste management practices
  • Enabling better health and safety practices, and respecting human rights

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Thioglycolic Acid (TGA)
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Orgasol® Industrial Powders
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Orgasol® ultrafine polyamide powders are a range of polymers and copolymers of lauryllactam ...

Oleris® Advanced
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Oleris® advanced bio-materials are a 100% bio-based range of C7, C11, and C18 ...

MSA 70% (Methane Sulfonic Acid)
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MSA 70% (Methane Sulfonic Acid) is an organic acid with the chemical formula CH3SO3H. It is a ...