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The annual SEPAWA® CONGRESS is the most significant meeting point of the detergents/cleansers, cosmetics and fragrance industry in Europe.

The lecture programme will cover a number of different topics in the areas referred to above. In more than 150 interesting and diversified lectures and poster presentations, international experts share their latest research findings and innovative developments. In the exhibition area, over 300 companies present their latest products, trends and wide-ranging know-how.

High performance solutions for stain removal, descaling, disinfection, dispersing agents and thickeners.

Stain or soil removers, Descaling, Disinfection, Thickeners and Dispersing agents !

We design specialty solutions in line with the most strict requirements and market trends in detergents and cleaning solutions.

Our portfolio of ingredients carry out different functionalities for efficient detergents for fabric, dish & surface care, food service and industrial sites:


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Rheosolve™ D
  • Product range

Rheosolve™ D is a line of polymeric dispersants with proven anti-scaling efficiency for dishwashing, laundry ...

Rheosolve™ T
  • Product range

Rheosolve™ T is a line of rheology modifiers dedicated to controlling the rheological ...

Cecajel® thickening additive
  • Product range

The Cecajel® range is the leading additive technology for thickening of all acid formulations used as ...

Ensoline® solvants
  • Product range

The Ensoline® range is a range of hydrophobic solvents and slow-evaporating coalescing agents based on ...

Sensio™ biobased nonionic surfactant
  • Product range

The biobased nonionic surfactant range Sensio™ is dedicated to all types of home and professional care formulations where the following ...