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A pioneer in the field of sensory powders

Orgasol® powder has become, in the last decades,  the go-to partner of the most demanding manufacturers looking for high-performance powders with innovative functionalities.

Orgasol® ultrafine powders are mainly known for their sensorial benefits. Their spheroidal shape improves spreading, provides easy glide-on application and leaves a velvety feeling and powdery finish on the skin. The Orgasol® product signature touch is predominantly velvety and delicately creamy.  The different grades allow you to choose the degree of velvetiness as well as the covering and spreading properties that will best suit your formulation.

Think multi-functional. Way beyond mere sensory powders, Orgasol® powders deliver multiple additional benefits. Thanks to their soft focus effect, they contribute to achieve instant optical perfection. Their internal porosity offers long lasting sebum and shine control. Some Orgasol® product porous microspheres can be used as ready to use delivery systems of active ingredients – their structure allows the continuous release of the actives with closer and long lasting contact with the stratum corneum. In the formulation of compact powders, with their good compaction capacity, Orgasol® powder have shown to be highly effective processing aids.

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A step further to reduce carbon footprint of cosmetics

Arkema brings low carbone solutions in the world of acrylic polymers by proposing its product lines of rheology modifiers and polymeric emulsifiers with a bio-based origin thanks to a mass balance system.

Climate change is among the greatest challenges the world is currently facing. Reducing carbon footprint of our daily life activity is more vital than ever. The use of renewable raw ingredients represents a major lever to reduce our carbon emissions and improve the ecological footprint of cosmetics products.

Rheostyl rheology modifiers & Rheostyl E polymeric emulsifiers with a bio-attributed origin will deliver the same well-known performances and contribute at the same time to reduce significantly the carbon footprint of formulas thanks to the replacement of fossil feedstocks by bio-based feedstocks.

On top of the carbon footprint impact, Rheostyl E multifunctional polymeric emulsifiers provides benefits to meet the clean beauty multi dimensions with minimalist products formulated in cold process,

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Our products

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Rheology Modifiers for next generation cleansing formulae. Today’s body and facial wash as well as shampoo bring more than cleansing, ...

Rheostyl™ E
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Inspired by the growing trend of “clean beauty” and minimalist formulations, Rheostyl™ E is a new line of ...

A dedicated range of specialty (meth)acrylate

Arkema, offers a dedicated range of specialty (meth)acrylate monomers and oligomers, as well as photoinitiators for UV nail varnishes under the flagship brand Sartomer®. These liquid resins and additives provide an exceptional freedom of performance design to formulators, and are suitable for UV/LED base, color, top coats as gel polish, builder gel or sculpting gel. The properties brought by our responsible solutions are driven towards higher performances in either application and removal with fast soak off, good cure speed, as well as wear performances in terms of adhesion, low yellowing, and gloss retention.

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Our products

Specialty acrylate monomers, oligomers and high performance grades
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Sartomer has one of the broadest ranges of acrylate monomers, oligomers, and specialties available. These products use UV, EB, LED, peroxide ...

Specialty methacrylate monomers and oligomers
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Sartomer offers a wide range of methacrylate monomers and oligomers. Methacrylate monomers are used in applications ranging from ...