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Consolidating Coatex and Crayvallac® market leading range of additives, Arkema, a leader in specialty materials, presents Rheology and Specialty Additives offering to support customers seeking high-performance and more sustainable solutions for a broad range of applications.

This new offering has a strong focus on providing solutions for more sustainable development such as bio-based, lower carbon footprint products and water usage reduction. It will help formulators select the best materials to reach their performance and sustainability targets.

For the Coatings and Adhesives markets

Rheology & Specialty Additives brings Arkema’s world recognized portfolio of waterborne rheology additives, synthetic thickeners and dispersants under flagship brands Coapur™, Rheotech™, Viscoatex™; Coadis™; together with the Crayvallac® range of organic rheology modifiers, surface modifiers, flow and levelling agents for high-solids and solvent-free applications. This full range of additives complements Arkema’s resins portfolio for the key low-volatile organic compound coating technologies including waterborne, powder, Ultra Violet/Light Emitting Diode/Electron Beam and high-solid systems.

Arkema has been for more than 50 years a leading global designer and manufacturer of rheology and specialty additives. This offering pulls together all of Arkema’s expertise in this specialized area to provide customers a broad array of materials that enhance the performance of end products, while developing more sustainable attributes,”

For a broad range of demanding specialty industrial markets

The offering also includes market leading anti-scaling, dispersing and anti-settling agents, as well as rheology modifiers. These performance additives enlarge Arkema’s portfolio of solutions for very diverse markets such as building materials, personal and home care, minerals and ore processing, ceramics, paper and board, and water treatment.

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This leading offering supports Arkema’s vision and strategies that emphasize innovation to develop more sustainable materials. It creates highly valuable synergies for technologies and markets, enabling limitless possibilities in partnering with customers and supporting them in achieving their sustainable development goals

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