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Dispersing agent for mineral pigments and coating colors
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Product overview
Topsperse™ IP D is a new and optimized dispersing agent for Mineral Pigments and Coating Colors. It shows Improved Pigment Dispersion. Topsperse™ IP D is a means to decrease the viscosity. It’s also efficient at a wider pH range compared to other dispersants. As additive Topsperse™ IP D improves the products compatibility, controls the pigments agglomeration during coating colors make-down and avoids the viscosity shocks. Lower viscosities allow for an efficient addition of Thickeners. With a good state of dispersion and better levels of Water Retention the coating colors run-ability is excellent and the risks of blade streaks reduced. The rejects and losses at the filtration units can be decreased. Topsperse™ IP D is produced according to the highest standards of quality, security and environmental aspects in an ISO certified Coatex plant.
Geographic availability
  • Asia Pacific
Specific gravity 20° 1.3
Solid content (%) 42
pH 8
Brookfield viscosity (mPa.s) 350
Water retention
Contribution to brookfield viscosity
Contribution to high shear viscosity