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Micronised amide wax for powder and liquid coatings
Product overview
CRAYVALLAC® WN-1265 is a micronised amide wax. In liquid coatings, CRAYVALLAC® WN-1265 is primarily used to enhance the sandability of Solvent based or Water Based Wood primers and sealers. An additional advantage to be gained in this application is the absence of bloom when used in acid cured formulations. CRAYVALLAC® WN-1265 is also an effective internal lubricant for plastic compounding. In powder coatings, CRAYVALLAC® WN-1265 improves degassing properties and allows high thickness applications of HAA cured paints, even on difficult substrates.
Melting Point (°C) 145
Particle size distribution DV. 5 : 4.0 - 7.0 µm
End use systems Powder, Solvent-free, Solventborne, UV, Waterborne
Appearance Off-white micronized powder
Active Content (%) 100
APEO free Yes
Bacteria resistance Yes
Heavy metal free Yes
Solvent free Yes
Slip improvement
Matting effect
Blocking resistance
Ready to use
Easy handling
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