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Fine micronized polyethylene wax with high hardness
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Product overview
CRAYVALLAC® WN-2950 is a very fine micronized polyethylene wax providing specific mechanical and chemical resistance and used in printing inks, and other demanding applications. CRAYVALLAC® WN-2950 imparts superior rub/mar resistance and slip properties with minimum effect on gloss. It is a high melting point wax with high hardness, heat and solvent resistance. CRAYVALLAC® WN-2950 is particularly suited to “stir in” applications.
Melting Point (°C) 130
Particle size distribution DV.5 : 5 -7 µm
End use systems Powder, Solvent-free, Solventborne, UV, Waterborne
Appearance Off-white micronized powder
Active Content (%) 100
APEO free Yes
Bacteria resistance Yes
Heavy metal free Yes
Solvent free Yes
Slip improvement
Abrasion resistance
Scratch resistance
Matting effect
Blocking resistance
Ready to use
Easy handling
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