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Dispersion of polyethylene wax in isopropanol
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Product overview
CRAYVALLAC® WS-4700 is a 40% active dispersion of polyethylene wax in isopropanol. The low viscosity and high active content of this dispersion, together with freedom from dust, assist the efficiency of manufacturing processes. CRAYVALLAC® WS-4700 provides the formulator with the means of controlling the frictional characteristics of a coating as well as enhancing its surface protection properties.
Viscosity Approx. 150 (Viscosity (mPas) at 10000 s-1 @25°C)
End use systems Solventborne
Appearance Low viscous white milky liquid
Solid Content (%) 40%
Solid Content (%) 40%
Active Content (%) 40
Solvent Isopropanol
APEO free Yes
Bacteria resistance Yes
Heavy metal free Yes
Slip improvement
Abrasion resistance
Scratch resistance
Matting effect
Blocking resistance
Ready to use
Easy handling
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