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COAPUR™ 4820

Solvent free liquid polyurethane thickener
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Product overview
Coapur™ 4820 is a solvent and Alkyl Phenol Ethoxylate (APE) free polyurethane thickener designed for all types of water based formulations, especially the solvent free formulations. Coapur™ 4820 can be used sole or in combination either with other polyurethane thickeners or with other types of rheology modifiers such as acrylic or cellulosic thickeners. Coapur™ 4820 provides excellent coating properties due to its high associative effectiveness with every kind of binder. Coapur™ 4820 increases specifically the viscosities at medium and high shear rates in order to improve tool load, film build, levelling and brush drag. Thanks to its exclusive rheological features, Coapur™ 4820 also prevents from settling and sagging tendency in low PVC formulations.
Geographic availability
  • Asia Pacific
pH 7
End use systems Waterborne
Specific gravity 1.03
Appearance Viscous whitish liquid
Solid Content (%) 33.50
Solvent Water
Brookfield viscosity (mPa.s) 6000
PVC High
Ready to use
Easy handling
Viscosity stability
Color acceptance
Post addition
In-can appearence
Syneresis resistance
Hiding power/Opacity
Rub out
Chemical resistance
Water resistance
APEO free Yes
Bacteria resistance Yes
Heavy metal free Yes
Solvent free Yes