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Micronised polyamide modified hydrogenated castor oil rheology modifier
Product overview
CRAYVALLAC® MT is a micronised amide modified hydrogenated castor oil rheology modifier for solvent-based and solvent-free systems. CRAYVALLAC® MT is suited to systems based on aliphatic hydrocarbons, aromatic hydrocarbons and aromatic hydrocarbon/alcohol blends. Compared to the most basic hydrogenated castor oil based rheology modifiers, CRAYVALLAC® MT is more tolerant to stronger solvents. CRAYVALLAC® MT particles are converted upon activation into an interacting network of fibre like particles. This network gives rise to the final coating’s shear thinning rheology. This shear thinning characteristic provides a very high viscosity under the low shear rates associated with sedimentation, and a low viscosity at the much higher application shear rates. The net result is excellent control of sedimentation combined with ease of application.
Geographic availability
Melting Point ( C) 135
Particle size distribution DV.2 min: 4 µm / DV.8 max: 20 µm
End use systems Solvent-free, Solventborne
Specific gravity 1.02
Appearance Off-white micronized powder
Solid Content (%) 100
Edge coverage
Slump resistance
Pigment orientation
Ready to use
Easy handling
Viscosity stability
Post addition
In-can appearence
Syneresis resistance
Chemical resistance
Safer solutions
*Not intentionally added but not specifically measured (not part of product specification)
APEO Free*, Heavy Metal Free*, Solvent Free*
98% bio-based product