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Pre-activated amide rheology modifier supplied in xylene
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Product overview
CRAYVALLAC® PA4 X 20 is a rheology modifier pre-activated amide wax supplied in a mixture of xylene and alcohol. It is a rheology modifier in paste form with enhanced transparency, excellent anti-sagging and anti-settling properties.CRAYVALLAC® PA4 X 20 is supplied in the form of crystalline fibres. In a coating system, these fibres form an interacting network. This network gives rise to the shear thinning rheology of the final coating. This shear thinning characteristic provides a very high viscosity under the low shear rates associated with sedimentation, and a low viscosity at the much higher application shear rates. The net result is excellent control of sedimentation combined with ease of application.
Geographic availability
End use systems Solventborne
Specific gravity 0.88
Appearance Off-white paste
Solid Content (%) 20
Solvent Xylene and Alcohol
Edge coverage
Pigment orientation
Ready to use
Easy handling
Viscosity stability
Post addition
In-can appearence
Syneresis resistance
APEO free Yes
Bacteria resistance Yes
Heavy metal free Yes
Bio-content (%) 17