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  • A Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) approach centered around 5 major priorities
  • Moving toward higher impact sustainable solutions
Crayvallac® LA-377
  • Elimination of substances of concern 
    & hazardous air pollutants
  • Product overview
  • Enhanced 
    stability: evaluation in a 2K water
    based epoxy primer
  • Rheology 
    control with good efficiency


New solutions meeting high requirements in performance and in sustainability are key enhancers for the development of waterborne industrial coatings. The newly developped Crayvallac® LA-377 is a Lithium chloride free rheology modifier which confers a unique rheological profile to suit the needs of formulators and applicators of industrial coatings : ease of use, anti-settling, sag resistance and film levelling to name a few.

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Liquid urea rheology modifier for post-addition to waterborne systems

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