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Case study 1: Coapur 3020 BB in a satin paint formulations
  • Performance comparison in a satin paint formulation
  • Brookfield, Stormer and ICI viscosities @ t24h
  • Sag resistance
  • Leveling
  • Tinting strength and Rub out evaluation (black pigment)
  • Gloss @60° & 85° & Opacity
Case study 2: Coapur 817 BB in a semi gloss paint formulation
  • Semi-gloss paint formulation - Architectural Coatings
  • Bio-based HEUR: Benchmarking vs non-biobased
  • Significant Product Carbon Footprint Reduction


The need for more sustainable solutions becomes key for our industry in order to reduce further its impact on the environment and minimize the carbon footprint of our products. Arkema has set strong and ambitious initiatives in order to achieve the recently approved 1.5 °C SBT objectives. As a consequence, most of our new additives developments are proposing even more eco-friendly features. In this paper, we will show performance of two new bio-based solutions in the field of polyurethane thickeners for waterborne coatings and adhesives. Such thickeners are well appreciated in water-based formulations to improve in can feel and superior application properties with reduced spattering and sagging and improved film build and leveling due to their specific rheology profile from Newtonian to pseudo plastic. These two Newtonian (High-Shear) and balanced (Mid-Shear) thickeners are new sustainable tools to develop bio-based decorative and industrial paints and coatings.

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Bio-based and solvent free liquid polyurethane thickener

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