Websites and locations

The TDS can be downloaded from several places on the site. They are available on the site by clicking on the following buttons :

On the selector in the product tile :


During the comparison below the product name


On a product page, there are two places to access it. Under the product name or in the documentation accordions :


There are several places in the site to create your account.

On the site you can see on the top right an icon "profile". Click on it to see a window like this :


and click on "CREATE YOUR ACCOUNT".

You can also create an account by clicking on the "sampling" icon. Without an account you cannot use the sample order :


To accede the technical documentation, you must have created an account. 

Once the account is created, then go to a product page.


On the product page, under the description you will find the accordion named “private documents”, open it. If you are already logged, you accede the commercial documentation. Else log you or create an account.
Download the documents of interest simply by clicking. 


If you forgot your password you have to click on "Forgotten your password".

It is visible with the login form.

Example :


You will arrive on this page, enter your email address.


You will receive an e-mail with a link to reset your password.