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Crayvallac® Introduction

Case study: Crayvallac® SLW Rheology modifier for high tack fomulations 
  • Answering market needs
  • Overcoming latest STP-based adhesives challenges
  • Storage and application benefits
  • Flow behavior
  • High tack MS fomulation
  • High tack typical formulation process
  • Early grab test protocol & results
  • Application performances
  • Rheological performances
  • Crayvallac® SLW vs hydrophobic fumed silica
  • Brick test protocol
  • Performance comparison


Polyamide additives for STP: enhanced rheology for demanding applications. By bringing performance and application versatility together, Silyl Terminated Polymers (STP) are increasing their presence in construction and transportation. The rising standards for these markets are leading to a replacement of mechanical fasteners by highly filled systems called high tack systems capable of withstanding increasing loads. Polyamide rheological additives have become a solution of primary interest and a market reference allowing a good balance between enhanced green strength and excellent workability, while providing a favorable rheological profile. This invention will push the limit further in terms of early grab, while keeping all the benefits of polyamide waxes.

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Micronized polyamide rheology modifier for demanding applications

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