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Webinar & Key takeaways

Market trends & sustainability in Adhesives & Sealants
  • Improve sustainability & performance with polyamide rheology waxes
  • High tack systems in the building industry
  • Importance of the rheology modifier in the formulation
  • Benefits of rheology modifiers
Key performances
  • Standard high tack formulation
  • Formulation process
  • Performance evaluation
  • Application performance
  • Rheological performance
  • Comparison with Fumed Silicas
  • Key benefits
  • Brick test


To optimize rheological profiles of reactive adhesives and sealants, polyamide rheology modifiers are a sustainable market reference for combining ease of application with structure development, compared to other technologies such as Fumed Silica, PCC… They have been established as a key additive in Silylated Terminated Polymer (STP) systems with successful extensive use for many years. As applications using STP-based products become ever more demanding, rheology modifiers - which are key ingredients - are evolving to help adhesives & sealants manufacturers to meet these challenges. For example, the market is moving increasingly towards higher load-bearing capacity in STP adhesives driving the need for high tack systems. Additionally, ease of handling and sustainably sourced raw materials are becoming the norm. Such benefits can also be achieved in other technologies including Epoxies, 2K PU and Acrylates, where polyamides can withstand more traditional rheology modifiers’ performance and bring additional features. After introducing the Polyamide Rheology Modifiers technology, their benefits in each relevant system will be described. This presentation will showcase the innovation in STP systems, adapting to the aforementioned challenges: shortening cycle times, enhancing tack. It will then detail how such additives can be interesting in other reactive systems by demonstrating rheological performance using different characterization methods.

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